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Coffee Grinders

Great Infusions Knows that your grinder is essential to your quality cup of coffee.

We carry grinders for home users and for businesses. Some, like the Mazzer Mini are cross-over grinders that may work well for either.

All of our grinders are burr grinders. From the Hario hand crank grinder to the Fiorenzato semi-professional timed dosing grinder, we have good options for most needs. Burr grinders do a better job than blade grinders because they create consistent grounds of coffee that will release the quality flavors evenly. Please don't underestimate how much this matters.

For home preperation of french press and drip use we recommend the Hario hand crank, the Baratza Encor or the Rancilio Rocky Doserless. 

For espresso preperation we recommend the Rancilio Rocky Doserless, the Fiorenzato F4 or a Mazzer Mini E type A commercial grinder.


coffee burr grinder

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