Another Break-in

Posted by Sebastian Little on Feb 26th 2022

Another Break-in

Someone broke into the shop last night - used a steel T post to javelin out the window on the front door. Our security system did its job - loud alarm and contacted the police which came after the criminals had left. They didn't have time to do much - not much lost.

I am sad about it. It's not so much the lost items as the feeling that so many are that desperate. I recently read the book Dopesick by Beth Macy and it details the very heartbreaking results of opioid addiction. The addict is so frightened of having withdrawals that they will do anything for enough cash to get that fix.

I want to use this occasion to support "Harm Reduction" policy for drug addicts. One aspect of harm reduction is to offer free methadone or other medication-assisted treatment (MAT). If an addict is not able to get the preferred opioid they may opt for the methadone instead of risking a police encounter and being incarcerated - and then getting dopesick in jail...

None of our customer's equipment was stolen or damaged.

Shout out to Simply Safe - it works!