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Nice used lever machine - no pump, and can only be plumbed as it has no water reservoir. We have given this unit a nice maintenance routine including new lever gasket kit. Includes shown portafilters and tamper.

From Londinium website:

The Compressa is a plumb in only version of the LONDINIUM R24
We took the LONDINIUM R24 and removed the pump, the reservoir, the digital pre-infusion, and the wireless control
As a result the Compressa must be plumbed to a mains water connection and typically a drain for the drip tray
The Compressa is designed for the needs of the home based worker who needs access to a stream of high quality espresso, and people in the many places where high quality espresso simply doesnt exist
The Compressa can be left on all day.  If you pull consecutive shots it maintains thermal stability.  If you leave it idling for an extended period of time it will maintain the correct temperature for the next shot to be pulled without the need to flush the group to raise the group temperature before the shot is pulled
The Compressa brings you the ability to self service your machine with our support, which is a significant benefit unless you have an espresso machine technician nearby.  All parts we will get to you anywhere in the world in ONE week with DHL Express
Unlike other lever espresso machines LONDINIUM lever espresso machines allow you to quickly optimise the machine to your favourite roast
No cooling shots.  No warming shots.  No back-flushing.  Just pull & go.  Repeat as desired
Texture the milk in seconds, before the espresso has finished being drawn as the brew chamber is isolated from the boiler the moment the lever is released (this is why a dual boiler is of no advantage on a lever espresso machine)
Pair the Compressa with a good grinder and beans and excellent espresso is assured
The pre-infusion on the Compressa is variable if you add a variable pressure reducing (regulating) valve and gauge in the cold water line supplying the machine, just the same as the L1/2/3 machines
The Compressa is supplied with one wenge handled portafilter and one 16g dose portafilter basket
Please check the water pressure that you have available prior to purchasing this machine.  You need 3 bar (45psi) for it to run properly, and up to 6 bar (90psi) for it to have the same light roast capabilities as the LR24
No changes are planned for this model