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Great Infusions is the premier importer of Italian espresso cups.
Our variety of colors and styles is unparalleled.

dark brown espresso cups
hario drip equipment

We carry excellent Coffee making equipment by Hario of Japan. Beauty, Form & Function.


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Espresso Showroom is open: 
Tues. - Sat; 11 am to 5 PM

our shop in santa cruz

Featuring several amazing espresso blends for sale by the pound from Blue Bottle & Josuma Coffee Roasters.

blue bottle coffee roasters
Blue Bottle Hayes Valley Espresso $9.00 1/2 lb.
Served at the Blue Bottle Kiosk on Linden Street in SF, this is the dark roasted, low acid espresso blend that is the talk of the town. Always fresh. Available on first come, first serve basis. * Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown

Blue Bottle Bella Donovan  $12.00 1/2 lb.
An Ethiopian & Indonesian coffee blend intended for brewed coffee... Around here it has developed a following for espresso - makes a nice sweet shot, syrupy and viscous in your espresso cup. * Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown

Blue Bottle Decaf Noir  $12.00 1/2 lb.
Mexican & Sumatran origin. You may be surprised by the balanced sweet & chocolate tones in this decaf. I was... * Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown

josuma coffee roaster
Josuma Malabar Gold $15.50 lb.
-> buy $21.00 Shipped

Italian style Espresso Blend from beans grown in India & Roasted in Menlo Park, California. Always Fresh!!!  Bold, Rich & Velvety with Excellent Crema production. Balanced profile of fruit & cacao. As is customary in Italian blends this contains some very high quality Robusta.
Direct Trade

Josuma Monsoon Melody $15.50 lb.
 -> buy $21.00 Shipped
Light roasted low acid Monsooned Arabica blend.  Full Bodied & exceptionally smooth earthy flavor.  Monsoon process exposes green coffee beans to moist monsoon winds.  
Direct Trade

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