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    At Great Infusions, We Support Specialty Coffee.

    Our I.P.A. espresso cups are the best in the business and a great value. We have selected the best products at the best values in espresso machines, coffee brewers and accessories.

    Unlike some online sellers, we actually know our products inside and out and provide full warranty services in house.

    Great Infusions Co. is an importer and distributor of Espresso Machines, Italian Espresso Cups and Barista Gear serving both commercial business customers and home baristas. We stock a premium selection of coffee equipment that we support and service.

    Great Infusions is a Corporation (CA Corp. #C2733836) located in Santa Cruz California, a town famous for its beaches, waves and eccentric characters. Ours is a small business that began as an importer of high quality Italian espresso cups and has grown to cover many aspects of commercial and home barista support including repairs, training and service.

    We are serious about providing a secure experience for our online customers. When you enter the checkout area, the page is secured by a certified SSL server. After your purchase the credit card information is not stored.

    In case you order a fragile item and it is damaged in shipping, your order is insured and replacement items will be sent out right away. Espresso cups and espresso machines are durable, however once in a while they do break in transit. You may be asked to return the damaged item or to allow the shipping company to inspect the packaging.

    We never give, sell or share contact information. We do not keep credit card info on file. We do not bug our customers with spam, however you may opt-in to our mail list which will periodically give you access to discounts.

    If you want to return a product that is defective or damaged, items will be replaced at no cost to the customer. If you just decide that the item is wrong for you we will be happy to exchange it or refund the purchase (minus our shipping cost). Some espresso machines have a re-stocking fee of up to 20%.

    For international customers, you will need to contact our office to receive shipping quotes and payment options.

    We ship most items via FedEx Ground. You should receive a tracking number directly from Fedex within 2 days of placing your order.

    Certain small non-fragile items are shipped USPS Priority with typically 2 -3 day delivery times.

    "If you live in Santa Cruz - or know how to operate a web browser - the path to delicious espresso at home starts at Great Infusions."

    "The mistake that too many consumers make is thinking that the home espresso gear offered at the fancier kitchen stores can produce espresso comparable to what they’ve tasted at the better coffee houses. While many of the products that kitchen stores sell are quite good, the espresso machines and grinders are vastly inferior to their commercial counterparts.

    The end result: Disappointing espresso at home. Bitter. Watery. Not the sweet, creamy indulgence that espresso is meant to be.

    Great Infusions stocks machines and grinders with the commercial-quality components that make espresso at home worth pursuing. Ask for Sebastian, the knowledgeable owner. He can get you pointed in the right direction. They can also help with maintenance items, replacement parts, and repairs


    "Great Infusions sources a carefully curated selection of barware for baristas at reasonable prices. "

    "Sebastian knows the espresso equipment market and carefully balances style, practicality, and price. Those seeking the best selection of Italian made espresso cups need look no further than Great Infusions.."


Great infusions Co. Great Infusions is an importer and seller of quality coffee and espresso equipment for both businesses and home users. 317 Potrero St., Suite A, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA +1 831-458-3568