Great Infusions Espresso and Coffee Equipment Repair.

Common issues for espresso machines

  • Brew pressure low or high - slow or fast
  • Not hot enough
  • Tripping GFCI
  • Weak, watery shots
  • Leaks, counter, brew head etc
  • Grinder jammed or making noise
  • Machine won't heat
  • Steam smells bad
  • No steam or low steam
  • Just needs cleaning and maintenance
  • Steam leaks around steam wand
  • Hot water tap dripping
  • Loud pump noise
  • No pump sound
  • No heat, no steam
  • Grinder jammed or making noise
  • Bunn, Feto Brewer issues
  • Overheating, loud steam noise

Home Espresso Customer - Bring your equipment to us.
We work on most home machines in our shop, however we can schedule on site service for home espresso equipment if needed. (No Super-Automatic machines please).
Our repair process is designed to take the uncertainty out of what can often be a stressful situation. 
We will help you understand the issues your machine is facing and providie a clear and accurate quote for it’s repair. Standard shop fee is $95.00 per hour plus parts. For shop service, please call 1-831-458-3568 leave message in general mail box

Commercial Customer - We come to you.
Serving Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Clara & Monterey county.
When your equipment is in need of expert help, contact Great Infusions. We service most brands of commercial equipment including brewers, grinders & espresso machines.
Dale is our lead 'tech' with over 20 years of experience and factory La Marzocco training.
We specialize in installations, repairs and scheduled maintenance and water filtration.   Standard service fee is $125 per hour plus parts and drive fee for some locations. For on site service, please call 1-831-458-3568 (ext 3 pages a technician)  

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