Getting a little revenge on credit card fraudster.

Have you ever wanted to play a practical joke on a fraudster thieving low life? I have...

When you sell stuff online unscrupulous people will try to steal from you using stolen credit cards.

On Monday I had a suspicious order called in. The caller asked to have $3500 worth of equipment sent to an address in Florida with a billing address in Tennessee. That was the first tip off - different billing address and delivery address (but there is a new trend that gets around that too). The other suspicious thing was that the caller seemed completely clueless about the items being purchased. She had an accent but it was not a southerner’s accent you might expect form a Tennessean. Maybe Eastern European?

Usually I would just put the caller in a position to verify their identity by supplying the phone number associated with the card that I could call back on “for their own security.” I have had people just hang up on me when I asked them for that. If the person is a legit buyer they are always happy I am being cautious.

So I took the order from this woman and became more and more sure that it was a scam. She did have all the correct card info including the cvv code and I did a verification which successfully charged the amount.

I thanked the caller graciously and assured her the item would deliver in 3 days free of charge. She was so happy to hear that. Awe isn't that cute - her heart must have leapt a mile - she thought she had a real sucker on the line. Hee hee.

The first thing I did was to search out the actual card holder. By using the credit card billing address and last name I found a white pages listing with their home phone number. I called and informed them that their card was compromised and that the thieving scumbag even had the 3 digit code on the back. The cardholder was so relieved and thankful that I took the time to track her down. She was also a little shocked that I could find her phone number.

I also did some research on the delivery address. Instead of this going to a construction business it was a freight forwarding company. The item was simply going to bounce from it’s destination into the waiting arms of scurvy pirate scum. Can you tell I kinda hate these turds?

The next thing I did was send them an invoice and nice note assuring them that the item was “on the way.”

Today she called me, wondering where her new espresso machine and grinder was. I assured her it shipped then gave her a UPS number for an item that I received here the day before. I told her to call back if she needed to… Guess what, she needed to.

I acted surprised and promised to look into it and email her with he delivery info. I made a new delivery using my FedEx account and sent her the tracking number (it will never ship of course).

Finally when she had become quite pushy about it, I sent her this link which simply displays the below image: