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Spro-Kart Goes Live

Posted by Sebastian Little on

On April 16th we inaugurated the Spro-Kart at the Santa Cruz Mini Makers Faire. It was a great day for it - warm and sunny all day. Sam Bacal-Graves, Lily Cardiner and I served coffee, espresso drinks and some yummy snacks to the thirsty crowd. We served Highwire Coffee and I am really proud of what we put out. Our brewed coffee was a cold brew extract of the wonderfully smooth and balanced Conscious Objector blend. This was a big hit - lot's of positive feedback. We used The Core espresso blend for our espresso based drinks.

Do you have an event in mind that could use a sweet coffee & espresso bar? This coffee cart is available. We can staff it and sell drinks or provide a catered service. If you have trained staff, we can supply the entire set up as a rental... 

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