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Italian Made Porcelain Cups

(Scroll down for Nuova Point)

I.P.A. Industria Porcellane S.p.A. is the most important Italian manufacturer of cups specifically produced for professional use.
These cups are produced in hard feldspatic porcelain in Italy of Italian sourced materials. The durability of the items make them ideal for the tough environment of the cafe or restaurant.

Authentic in appearance and heavy in the hand, your customers will know you care about quality at once.


red espresso cups white espresso cups black espresso cups dark brown espresso

IPA 4 sizes

IPA 4 sizes

IPA 4 sizes

IPA 4 sizes


Nuova Point Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte Cups
Nuova Point is an Italian maker with production in China

espresso cups espresso cups

Glass Espresso Cups by Bodum & Bormioli Rocco

bormioli coffee cups

glass espresso cups
plus cappuccino & latte sizes

bodum and bormioli

double wall glass epresso cups
plus cappuccino & latte sizes 

Glass cups allow you to view your espresso drinks in cross section. You can monitor crema thickness in espresso or watch the cascading action of steamed milk in cappuccino drinks.  Bodum hand blown double walled cups are insulative and distinctive.  Bormioli is European made of thick and durable tempered glass.


High quality mugs for your brewed coffee.

mugs and travel mugs