La Pavoni Lever Rebuild Pictorial Guide

Posted by Sebastian Little on Dec 7th 2020

La Pavoni Lever Rebuild Pictorial Guide

The La Pavoni home lever espresso machine comes in a few models and all of the models are differentiated by manufacture date before or after year 2000. Machines made after 2000 are called Millennium and those made before 2000 are referred to as Pre-Millennium. This guide can be used for all models and manufacture dates. The main difference you will see is that Millennium models have a plastic liner in the group and the older models are simply brass. Take care not to score the brass or to break the plastic liner.

Parts can be found here

When you have the piston and shaft removed clean all pieces and clean cylinder before reassembling.

Millenium Europiccola 

Step 1. Remove group bolts (10mm wrench)Step 2. Remove group
Step 3. Remove C-clipStep 4. Remove shaft nuts (14mm wrench)

Step 5. Use hammer to tap shaft down -->Still Step 5. which will push group shower & gasket
Step 6. Force shaft down and pull piston outStep 7. Inspect group

Step 8. Use Snap Ring Plier to remove -->Step 8. Retain for re-use

Step 9. Remove brass ringStep 10. Remove silicon lip seal
Step 11. Use pick to pry off old piston gasketsStep 12. Clean Piston and install new gaskets...

Rebuilding Piston:

Take care to gently install new gaskets. They will not want to settle in the correct position and will require a soft touch to rotate them so they sit with narrow sides in the center of the piston and flaring edges on bottom and top respectively. It's easy to damage the gasket.

Step 13. Insert new lip sealStep 14. Insert brass ring
Step 15. Use snap ring plier to re-installStep 16. Ensure that snap ring is in the groove

Step 17. Use food safe grease on piston Step 18. Push shaft until gasket meets cylinder

Step 19. Use tiny flat tool to fold gasket into cylinderStep 20. Piston should easily slide

Step 21. Insert pin, c-clip and shaft nutsStep 22. Ensure you have the correct group gasket

Group Gaskets:

There are 3 possible group gaskets. The pre-millennium is a rounded o-ring. Most millennium models have a gasket that is rounded one one side and flat on the other. Some are similar but have a ridge. You must have the right part to complete this repair.

Step 23. Gasket fits neatly over showerStep 24. Press into group

Step 25. Use flat dull tool to push into placeStep 26. Use portafilter to tighten into place
Step 27. Replace group to boiler o-ring (grease)Step 28. Optional - replace knob o-ring
Step 29. Rebuilt Europiccola Lever GroupStep 30. Tighten group bolts