GEFU Lorenzo Hand Crank Coffee Mill

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This hand crank coffee mill grinds coffee beans to the perfect consistency for espresso, filter coffee or coffee made in a French press or your preferred grind level.

Portable and easily adjustable, this grinder guarantees freshly ground coffee wherever you might need it.

The grinding gear requires less rotations than conventional mills.

Detachable crank can be attached vertically to the holder on the side of the coffee container fortaking it to go.


  • re-adjustable ceramic grinding gear providing 11 degrees of fineness
  • up to 4 cups of espresso, 4 cups of filter coffee or 4 cups of French press coffee
  • scale for degrees of fineness
  • coffee container with scale
  • detachable crank, can be attached to the grinder to save space
  • with base
  • stainless steel, ABS and SAN plastic
  • Germany