Yes we do custom printing on our cups...

We work with a local printing company to provide our IPA porcelain with your custom logo. We have done several custom logo jobs for our customers over the years. 

Cost varies depending on the order size and the per piece cost is lower the more cups that are ordered. The first order will have some one-time set up fees. Orders of 252 or more are more economic than smaller orders due to minimum decoration charges from the printer. For a reference point an order of 252 cups with 1 logo on each (one color logo) would cost around $420.00 for the first order and re-orders would be $240.

Printing is done by pad printer to provide a good looking screen  on a curved surface. The process and ink are specifically made for glass. Our customers have been happy with the detail and durability.  Samples are made before the full run is produced so you know exactly what you are getting. 

custom printed cups