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La Spaziale Vivaldi II (Red or Black)

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La Spaziale Vivaldi II single group dual boiler espresso machine... For the serious home espresso enthusiast or light duty commercial user (NSF approved).  Note that this espresso machine requires direct water supply (plumb in) it does not have a pour over option (See Vivaldi Mini)

We have installed these in homes, offices and several fairly high volume commercial applications.  They are extremely reliable and provide exceptional espresso making as well as plenty of steam pressure.

The Vivaldi II activates the heater with the detection of a temperature drop of just one half degree Celsius making the temperature accurate and stable. Thermostatically controlled temperature for both boilers assures accuracy and precludes need for pressure stats. The  Vivaldi II displays brew temperature in 1 degree increments, from 91 to 97 degrees Celsius which user can control.



Dual Boiler: 2.5 liter Steam Boiler (1250 Watts)  Group Boiler .45 liter (800 Watts )

Swivel Stainless Steel Steam Arm

Two Portafilters: One Single and One Double

Direct Plumbed Rotary Pump

Volumetric Dosing Volumetric Dosing Adjustable Through Touch Pad

One Degree Group Temperature Adjust ability Indicated by LED Display

Group Temperature Adjustable Through Touch Pad

Electronic Boiler Refill

Built-in Safety Thermostat

Semiautomatic Hot Water Delivery M

manual Steam Valve

Fault Diagnosis Alarms

Dual Manometer

OPTIONAL 7 Day Programmable Timer

Color Black or Red 110 volt 15 amp


1 Review

Oct 4th 2015

My Own Cafe at Home

Sebastian recommended the Vivaldi to me after hearing what I was looking for. It was important to me to have push buttons and automatic shots because we have lots of people using the machine. Everyone loves it and now I can't imagine life without it. I recommend the acessory package - they let us change the brown cups for red to match the panels.

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