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The Newest Silvia has a matt black group cover, an insulated boiler for increased efficiency & a revised power button with ready pilot light and power pilot light. 

Rancilio Silvia bridges the consumer to the pro - the only consumer offering from the venerable brand well known for it's commercial equipment.  High quality construction in a business-like package, the Silvia is far better than many of its more expensive competitors.  

Built in Italy, the Silvia is constructed in the manner of commercial machines (actually Rancilio makes mostly commercial espresso products).  Construction features include stainless steel panels , a powder coated steel frame and a 12 oz. brass boiler with replaceable heating element.  Quality commercial components include durable rocker switches, 3 way group solenoid, full swivel steam wand and an ergonomic chromed brass portafilter.  

The Silvia is a single boiler espresso machine.  This means that it has one boiler with two heat settings; one for espresso brewing and one for steaming.  The brewing temperature is around 200 F and the steaming temperature is around 240 F.  It takes approximately 90 seconds to go from brew temperature to steam temperature.  Once the machine is at steam temperature, it will need to be cooled down by flushing the boiler or by waiting approximately 10 minutes for the boiler to return to brew temperature.  

The espresso brewing quality is unmatched in the price range with true bar quality shots when the user is being careful and methodical.  If you are using a competent grinder you should be able to master the art of espresso with some practice.  

Steaming is robust and users can expect to steam up to a 20 oz. pitcher of milk (doubling the volume of 10 +/- oz. of milk by steaming).  This allows the Silvia to be used quite conveniently to make two cappuccino or latte drinks at a time.  It is a bit more involved to make more than two drinks as this requires boiler flushing.  

The Silvia is a great choice for home users, however we do not recommend use in offices.


Technical Features:

Optional pod adaptor kit composed of a diffuser, shower screen, two spacers and a pod filter. 

Dimensions (W×D×H) 9.2×11.4×13.4 in

Voltage 120 V

Weight 30.9 lb.

Boiler Power 950 W (120 V) -

Frequency 50/60 Hz 

UL listed


1 Year In-House Manufacturers Parts & Service Provided By Great Infusions Co. We are a Factory Authorized Repair Facility.
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