Rocket R58 Cinquantotto

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New model - Improved touchscreen controller & stylistic upgrades. 

The R58 Cinquantotto is a dual boiler espresso machine featuring PID temperature control, full commercial rotary pump, and the option of using a direct water connection or the water reservoir supply. Commercial Rotary Pump. Independently operating dual boilers and superior thermo siphon system design allows for unprecedented stability in the espresso boiler with increased levels of both steam pressure and hot water supply available from the independent service boiler. Rocket Espresso styling and build quality. Espresso without compromise.     •    Made in Italy    


  • All stainless steel (AISI 304) with stainless steel cup frame surround.
  • Commercial brewing head. Weight 4.05 kg (9 lb's)
  • Dual pre-infusion system: mechanical pre-infusion system with progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. This reflects into smooth coffee extraction with optimum aroma, body and “crema”.
  • Rocket R 58 machines come with one dedicated boiler for coffee water and one boiler for steam and hot water (service boiler). The guarantee for consistent performances and temperature stability.
  • Coffee water boiler: 0.58 liter capacity. Copper made. Service boiler: 1.7 liter capacity. Copper made. Boiler comes with lead free brass endplates and additional external insulation for optimum thermal retention. Optimized boiler capacity ratio to heater power. Results in fast heat up time.
  • Coffee water boiler: 1.400 W
  • Service boiler: 1.400 W
  • Max. simultaneous power consumption: 1.550 W
  • Full commercial rotary type pump (not vibration type pump) with external pressure adjustment.
  • Electronic control by PID sensors inside the boilers for precise temperature control.
  • One dedicated gauge for pump pressure and one for service boiler pressure control.
  • With our cool-touch technology: anti-burn (only the nozzle gets hot); easy cleaning as milk does not bake on wand; more efficient steam, as heat is not dissipated around the wand. Steam nozzle designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture.
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic level control of coffee water boiler, service boiler and fresh water reservoir, with low water level indication system.
  • Fully certified commercially rated safety valve.
  • 2.5 liter fresh water reservoir or alternatively direct water connection (hard plumbed) with full drip tray drainage system.
  • 31cmx44cmx41cm 12.2 in x 17,32 in x 16.14 in
  • 29kg/64 lb.
  • Full size commercial one and two cup filter handles and baskets. One blind filter. Metal tamper. Microfiber towel. Group cleaning brush. Full training guide and instructions (CD and manual). 
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